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My daily routine as a college student in Germany.

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My daily routine as a college student in Germany.

In this blog post I'm talking about my daily routine as a student.

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Dominik K.
·Sep 22, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • 1. Starting the day!
  • 2. Train Fun.
  • 3. Lunch break.
  • 4. Returning home!
  • 5. Finishing the day.

For anyone wondering my name is Dominik I'm a 17-year-old business-college student from Germany.

1. Starting the day!

I start my days at 5:30 am in the morning followed by me dressing up and eating breakfast.

After finishing breakfast I brush my teeth and get ready to leave the house.


2. Train Fun.

Usually, I leave the house at around 6:25 am grabbing my electric scooter, and begin the 15-minute journey to the train station. My train leaves at roughly 6:48 am and drops me off after 25minutes. While on the train and walking to school I usually listen to music. Did I mention I'm a huge Juice WRLD fan? It takes me around 10 minutes to walk from the train station to my school. I visit a business college with Spanish as a core subject.

3. Lunch break.

After 2x 45min classes I got my first lunch break. My friends and I usually go to the store next to our school to buy a drink and something to eat. The lunch break is 15 minutes. The second lunch break is very similar to the first one so I won't talk about it in dept.

4. Returning home!

After 6 hours I can finally leave school and head home. Sadly my train leaves just before the last class ends so I need to wait an hour each day to catch the second train. Usually, I just hang out at the train station listening to music or talking to people I know from school/private life. Once I arrived home at around 2:30 pm I grab something to eat and start my computer. Before starting my homework I open discord and talk to a few friends or check my inbox.

Once that is done I do today's homework or study for upcoming exams. Depending on how much homework I had I sit back and relax in my bed or fire up Visual Studio Code and start working on some of my projects, for example, my discord bot Would You which is a would you rather type bot. Again mostly listening to music.

There will be a separate blog post for my projects and what tech stacks I use and love!

5. Finishing the day.

I finish my day at around 10 pm on weekdays and a little bit later on the weekends. If I got time and the energy left I sometimes go for a little walk through my village to cool off and relax a bit after a hard day. I try to go to bed at the same time every day to get a healthy sleep schedule because waking up at 5 in the morning really isn't my favorite task of the day.

Now please keep in mind that this isn't 100% accurate every day sometimes I just like to hang out with friends a little longer, don't study, and just relax by watching some tv shows. Every day is unique and different from the day before. That's what makes life interesting!

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