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Should you still make discord bots in 2022?

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Should you still make discord bots in 2022?

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Dominik K.
·Sep 25, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Why Discord Bots
  • What library should I use?
  • Summary

A lot of people stopped making bots or don't even want to start making them because they think way too many exist anyways so what's the point? I can tell you what the point is and why it's still worth it to make discord bots in 2022!

Why Discord Bots

Discord bots can start at a very beginner-friendly level and scale from there. I think it's great to start making a discord bot because you get to learn the basics of building a project and the language you build it in.

The community of discord bots is huge and a ton of API wrappers already exist so whenever you need help there is a dedicated community to help you with your problems.

The reason I would still recommend making discord bots in 2022 is that it's a great learning experience as it starts simple but can go to a very high level quickly. It's not about making something unique because that's nearly impossible its more about learning how to work with libraries, how to scale your bot and make friends while learning.

Bots change every day and so does the discord API meaning there is a ton of stuff for you to test and program unlike with websites where you make the same thing over and over again you can truly create whatever you want. Want to make a snake-playing discord bot? Sure go ahead. Or more like a moderation bot, the possibilities are nearly endless.

What library should I use?

Depends on the language you want to develop in. Personally, I prefer JavaScript so discord.js but you can choose almost every language and library of your choice. Ranging from python to rust.


You don't need to make something new and revolutionary as long as you have fun and learn a thing! Just keep that in mind :D

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