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Why taking a walk helps with coding

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Why taking a walk helps with coding

In an earlier post about habits for developers, I talked about taking a walk every day.

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·Sep 28, 2022·

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In this article, I want to go more in-depth about my experience and my personal opinion.

First of all, I wanna get things straight it doesn't need to be walking it can also be cycling jogging, or any kinda outdoor activity where you don't need to think a lot and can relax a bit. Now, why am I so specific about nonbrain activities? The reason I personally go for a walk is to clear up my brain to make space for new information. And it's easier to free your brain when you don't need to think a lot.

So yea I would recommend cycling or go for a walk. An hour a day is all you need to clear a good part of your brain. Now while walking I usually listen to music on my phone because it helps improve my overall mood and helps me relax some more. I usually go before sleeping or before every major coding session and it helps me write better code with a cleaner brain. Personally as a very creative person I also come up with ideas for yet another fun side project or I find solutions to my coding issues in my head.

If you are located in a big city I would really recommend driving to the next village and going for a walk there as it's way more peaceful than a big city with less noise and light pollution. It also helps me with personal problems because I got time for myself with 0 distractions and can let all my emotions out.

Now if you're a CEO I got some advice for you. As mentioned earlier it helps improve my concentration and efficiency and I believe the CEO should allow and encourages his workers to go for a walk before starting to work and of course, count that as a working hour as well. I believe that your workers will work harder and more efficiently than ever before.

If someone tried this for a few days before coding please leave me a comment on how it influenced you I would love to know!

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